Wednesday, January 13, 2021

We are already ready cloning animals - Here are seven ways


Six Cloned Horses for Use in Polo Matches

from Silent Focus by Helen Pilcher - January 2021. It’s almost 25 years since the most famous clone on Earth, Dolly the sheep, was born on a farm in Scotland. It was one small step for lamb, one giant leap for lambkind. Along with the celebrity bleater came promises of innovative applications, but at the time, no one really knew how cloning would come to be used.

Now, cloning is finally finding its niche. As a growing number of species are cloned, including camels, cats and cattle, companies are springing up to offer commercial cloning services. The practice has become big business.

Around the globe, hundreds of domestic and agricultural animals are cloned every day. As wild species start to be cloned too, it’s thought the technique could even help conservation.

But the ethical issues remain as large and divisive as the day that Dolly was born. So how is cell biology’s bĂȘte noire making a difference and what should we make of these genetic doppelgĂ€ngers?

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